Friday, 4 January 2013

Dogs, legs and chocolate

So, what do dogs, legs and chocolate have to do with eachother?
Well as I have nerve pain in my leg chocolate can sometimes really help to give my brain some happy endorphines. But dogs and chocolate don't go together as we all can maybe see where I'm going with this. My small chihuahua Kaya managed to sneak a taste of milk chocolate for the first time this Christmas which gave me a shock. Luckily this wasn't enough to have to go to the vets.
This evening I came downstairs and saw an empty packet of chocolate lying on the floor with a very happy Kaya sitting next to it. I had left it on the kitchen table and had not even thought a dog that size could reach it. Never assume anything when it comes to dogs, their sense of smell, a chair and chocolate. Maybe one of my 3 cats made a deal with the devil to get rid of the damn dog (in their thoughts!) or it was just chance that they knocked it off. If not, then that mi.d means she jumped onto the kitchen chair to reach the table.
This is an amazing feat considering I have laminate flooring and she slips and slides all over the place so doesn't even dare to jump off my lap if I'm sitting there. I can definitely say that she follows the example her owner sets when she goes after something she wants!

20 minutes later we were at the vets and a €1 chocolate bar turned into a €58 one!
Poor Kaya got stabbed in the bottom with a nasty vomit inducing injection and within 5 minutes was heaving all over the vets floor. 20 minutes later I was driving home with a very sorry looking doglet who then installed herself in her bed once home.
She has now emerged from her bed and is looking much happier and refreshed.
Her owner is left swearing off chocolate which should help the weighing scales for the new year!
One other good thing that has come out of all of this is the fact that the adrenaline has helped to reduce the pain for the time being. And never make assumptions as they make an ASS out of you!

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