Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Years' resolutions?!

New Years' resolutions...I used to think this tradition a fairly strange thing one.

Looking back on the year gone by was something I could understand, but only then really looking at what you could change and possibly do better made no sense whatsoever.
Why would you wait for one moment in time in which to be truly critical about your actions in life?
Why not endeavor to do this throughout the year?
As far as I know, I have always tried to be aware of how I can improve myself, no matter what time of the year I find myself in. Why wait? Life can be so short. I am reminded of this again and again when I watch the daily reports showing people who have lost their lives because of senseless violence. We do not know when our time on this earth will be over and the start of a new journey will begin.

Then something happened to me. I received extremely good news regarding my health. It was only that I realised how much the waiting had been holding me back in an area of my life.

I now finally understand why the end of the year can be so important in making changes in life.
I don't know which is more important, the almost magical transition of a new year which gives us a chance to reflect, or the hope that a new start is within our grasp.
Transition or hope? I liken that moment of receiving my good news to the moment Big Ben strikes twelve.
The feeling you experience of finally feeling able to see new possibilities. New ways in which we can move forward, try new things, put ourselves out there.
Maybe this all boils down to the willingness to take a risk? Risks mean that there has to be an element of fear. Whether it be fear of failure, fear of making a fool out of ourselves or a failure to realise a dream we hold dear.
I am not waiting for the clock to strike twelve. Risks are the spice of life after all!
All you can do is try to limit the dangers you may encounter and accept that wanting to move forward in life may mean that you end up taking two steps back.

So the real question is, am I prepared to take the risk?
I will answer that question with another.

How can you not be prepared to move forwards?

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