Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Home 2011

A place of safety, a place of peace,
a place where I can finally find my own release
of the feelings I have which scare me so much,
the ones I hardly ever let touch.
The silent watcher, inside of my mind,
the one which I let nobody find.
Pill popping, a daily theme,
pushing down the screaming pain within,
Asking myself the question of life,
Is it really worth it, this daily strife?
But then I look down at their golden eyes,
My silent friends, the ones that are always there,
that in their own way really do care.
What to do to make myself feel good?
I would do all those things if only I could,
One day I know, that time will come
until then, I'll wait, and just try to have fun.

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